Picture source; Google image
Picture source; Google image

No pipe, no hand lense, the only thing Benedict Cumberbatch keeps from Sir Conan Doyl’s fictive character is his hat and his remarkable deduction abilities. Born from a couple of actors ; Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham, Benedict will succeed his parents by playing in many different movies.

Born on the 19th of Jully 1976 in London, Benedict Cumberbatch schooled at Harrow School where he graduated. He then attends Manchester University, and later London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art where he studied comedy. He played in many popular theatres in London.

Benedict is known for the role he played in the Hawkin ( The role of Stephen Hawkin) and most especially for his modern interpretation of the great detective Sherlock Holmes. Because of these interpretations he was nomited best actor at the British Academy Television Award. In 2013, he apeared in Star Trek Into Darkness of J. J. Abrams and in 2014, he interpreted Alan Turing in Imitation Game of Morten Tyldum.

He played in many remarkable movies, in different theatre plays an in telefilms. His acting talents and his reputation guarantees him a place among the best. He is nominated four times at the BAFTA Awards, two times at the Olivier Awards, three times at the Emmy Awards, Five times at the SAG Awards and two times at the Golden Globes.

In the three Hobit movies, he lended his voice to the Smaug and the Necromancien. In Penguins of Madagascar he lended his voice to Agent Confidentiel and he played Dr Stephen Strange in the movie Dr Strange….


Kevin Schurer, Professor at Leeds University and genealogist traced the family tree of Richard III and explains in Daily Mail that Benedict Cumberbatch is a direct cousin of the monarch. Studies proved that about 17 million British are indirectly related to the king but for Cumberbatch who is a direct descendant.

This is a funny coincidence for Benedict Cumberbatch who is actually playing Richard III ‘s rôle in the movie The Hollow Crown of Sam Mendes ( not yet available on tv ).

Anne Glory NKA


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